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The firm's thirty plus years' experience with and credentialing to use a variety of assessments ensures we can customize and choose the best tool or combination of tools to precisely fit your needs. Our primary focus is to help you hire better and promote better by offering empirical data to aid in making your decision. Our extensive organizational experience ensures that you have the best assistance possible for making decisions regarding coaching, selection, succession planning, and leadership development. Just a few of the assessments we are certified to use include Hogan Assessment Systems, the California Psychological Inventory, EQi 2.0, the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal.

360° Performance Feedback Surveys

Certified by Kaiser Leadership Solutions we use the LVI 360 to provide additional empirical data regarding leadership style, most often in conjunction with psychometric assessments (see above). We provide the communication and set up information and manage the process from start to finish. Providing 360 Feedback allows leaders and managers to not only identify strengths and weaknesses but also to see which strengths get over used or underused and how that can limit one's effectiveness.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Prior to partnering with Darrell Beck and Associates, Inc. I used fairly traditional methods for selection, hiring and promoting management employees and the results were mixed. Upon beginning work with Darrell he introduced me to a number of psychometric tools and I have been very pleased with the outcomes. I routinely use these instruments when hiring new employees, making promotion decisions and developing employees for leadership positions. The information available to us from these tools has resulted in higher caliber employees and more effective succession planning programs. The tests we ask candidates and employees to take are cost effective and user friendly, and Darrell plays a key role in assisting us with interpreting the results. The ability to make good selection and promotion decisions is key to the success of an organization and I would highly recommend any organization to include the use of these instruments in their process.”

Mr. Bill Nevell
Vice President of Human Resources
Timber Products Company
Springfield, OR

“Using Dr. Beck and the Hogan has helped the Valley define who should be in what position. By doing the Hogan for all new hires we have saved money in hiring and staff turnover. Comments from staff as well as members are both very positive. It is amazing to see the difference from less than a year ago to where we are today.”

Ms. Sarah Gibson
Director of Human Resources
Valley Athletic Club
Tumwater, WA

“At Tetra Pak we strive to hire the brightest talent we can. I believe that as an organization we need to have the right individuals contributing and performing in order for us to reach our strategic goals and continue our success. It is key for us to have the best people on our team in order to gain a competitive advantage – this means smart, high performing, high potential individuals. Since we have been working Darrell Beck and Associates we have more information and input regarding a prospective candidate’s potential towards leadership and sales in order to make the best hiring decisions. Dr. Darrell Beck has developed a partnership with Tetra Pak and provides accurate and insightful knowledge utilizing the Hogan assessments which we have included in our recruitment, career development and leadership process at Tetra Pak. Managers and employees that utilize the tools and the analyses given by Dr. Beck are not only finding the feedback accurate but insightful. Dr. Beck can provide candid insight to any organization and provides the right tools for us to manage the human side of our business.”

Ms. Nicole Manzo
Human Resources Manager
Tetra Pak
USA and Canada, Vernon Hills, IL

“Utility Trailer Sales of Oregon has been working with Darrell Beck and Associates, Inc. since 2005. Joanne Beck started working with UTS on our management team building. We now have incorporated them in our hiring process with the Hogan Personality Inventory. We enjoy our working relationship with Joanne Beck. Her expertise in our industry has allowed us to find the right fit for the right position.”

Ms. Patricia A. Hilsinger
Utility Trailer Sales of Oregon, Inc.
Clackamas, OR

“I highly recommend Darrell Beck and Associates, Inc. Before we hire a candidate we want to know if they will be a good fit four team. Darrell and Joanne’s counsel, first class service and insightful interpretation of a candidate’s assessment results have been invaluable to us.”

Mr. Len Blackstone
President and CEO
Blackstone Inc.
Cottage Grove, OR

If you should need further information or assistance with the assessments provided by our office, please contact us at 503.222.7188.