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  • On-Boarding
    A new manager to the group or organization wants to get off to a good start.

  • Fast-Tracking
    Rapid promotions or a much bigger job both stretch and challenge the individual. Coaching can help ensure success and rapid growth.

  • Specific Behavior Problems
    Occasionally drive can turn into dominance; competitiveness into combativeness. Or, sometimes the skills that were appropriate to success in the past aren't the ones needed for the present or future. In these cases coaching can help a manager develop skills for targeted behavior change.

  • Agenda Coaching
    Sometimes a manager or executive wants a coach to help him or her plan and execute a difficult organizational agenda, such as restructuring, or strategic change, and can benefit from a coach as advisor, teacher and sounding board.

  • Coaching for Development
    Sometimes a manager needs to develop different skills, competencies, or ways of relating to others in order to be a best fit for the next job.

  • Partnering with the client to assess mutual compatibility.

  • Gathering data about the client using various feedback instruments in combination with rigorous psychometric tools.

  • Planning the change process with the client.

      1. Choose a few strengths to build-on, expand or exploit more fully.
      2. Choose a few areas to improve or reframe.

  • Identifying some real work projects to begin and practice the change process plan.

  • Meetings with the client.

  • Culmination of coaching process.