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Our firm has extensive experience in helping companies create, implement and continue succession plans to ensure a predictable supply of the talent required for key positions and critical to human resource management. General steps involve:
  • Identification of needs due to retirements, turnover, growth, etc.
  • Determine success characteristics for the position or a category of positions being considered.
  • Assess both internal and external candidates for T-A-S-K:
  • Traits such as drive and initiative, self-directed learner, and integrity are identified by using an assessment protocol designed specifically for the position.

  • Abilities such as effectively leads teams and able to organize self are measured.

  • Skills that are specific and demonstrable, that can be seen and assessed through observable behaviors (such as probing for resistance as a sales skill).

  • Knowledge as in broad, organized and accessible information relative to a topic identified as a success characteristic (product, customer, industry knowledge).
Categories to use in describing the Traits-Abilities-Skills-Knowledge desired are:
  • Technical or Professional; product, industry, customer, competitor knowledge.

  • General Business Knowledge; budgeting, project planning, etc.

  • Company Knowledge; policies, procedures, regulatory requirements, systems and politics.

  • People Skills, Work Habits, Relationships and Managing People.

    • Assess internal candidates against established criteria.

    • Create and manage development plans and use on-the-job assignments where appropriate.

    • Manage development activities using primarily on-the-job assignments.

    • Be positioned to place the "right" person in the "right position based on clear knowledge of the candidate's potential and readiness.